The Patent(s)

LaneAxis owns valuable Intellectual Property in the form of a fully patented Shipper-to-Carrier direct model.U.S. Patent 9,928,475 – officially titled “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform” – was approved in March of 2018.

This process helps ensure total trust and transparency between parties – and gives LaneAxis a tremendous competitive edge over its competition to build a true direct network.

In Addition, LaneAxis has filed for a Government Blockchain Patent Initiative that is currently pending. This will improve the efficiency of the overall supply chain while helping ensure the security and stability of the U.S. economy and U.S. interests during times of national and regional emergencies.

LaneAxis Network Mobile App

The LaneAxis Network App sits at the heart of the main software patent, serving as the main conduit for establishing direct Shipper-Carrier connections, tracking loads and collecting data.

We utilize shipment and network data for a variety of purposes:

  • Average wait times at Shipper docks
  • On-time delivery rates for Carriers
  • Carrier safety history
  • National and regional market trends
  • Market and pricing trends based on specific lanes
  • Predictive analytics for proactive exception management and shipment optimization

LaneAxis integrates seamlessly with:

Electronic Logging Devices

Transportation Management Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Accounting Systems

System Integrations are a Breeze

No complicated hardware to install, just plug and play via customized API calls. Use your native business platforms with the flexibility and convenience of having LaneAxis on board.

Leveraging NFTs for Shipment Security

LaneAxis will utilize NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to validate barcodes, QR codes, and RFID chips, among other applications. This will prevent the tampering or forgery of these critical identification tags, and will strengthen our ability to manage and secure freight movements beyond trucking and into multi-modal segments such as shipping, air and rail.

AXIS Tokens will validate the NFTs, which will be stored on the LaneAxis blockchain. LaneAxis may expand its use-cases for developing and storing NFTs on its blockchain in the future.

Smart Tech, Smart Contracts & Blockchain

LaneAxis' patented direct model utilizes the revolutionary power of blockchain - and specifically smart contracts - to automate and secure freight movements. All business and shipment rules are written into the smart contracts, including agreement terms, record keeping and payment release to Carriers. Once a shipment is created, the LaneAxis Smart Contract essentially takes over the monitoring and management of the active load - from pickup to final settlement.

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