A Brokerless Network Connect Direct to Shippers

Independents must come together as a powerhouse network to change this industry. LaneAxis is the platform built to lead this charge.

Small, independent carriers represent 97% of the industry - meaning they move about 97% of daily loads. It's time to flex your power.

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By joining the LaneAxis Carrier Community, you are making a stand for carriers' rights. We're striving to improve the professional and personal lives of carriers by removing brokers, injecting transparency, and giving truckers the opportunity to save and make more money.

Forming a unified trucker coalition will set off a cascade of powerful benefits, including massive discounts/rebates at the pump, more affordable freight and health insurance, point-of-sale discounts, and much more.

Independent Freedom

Tired of Outrageous
Broker Fees?

Freight Brokers control the industry. A Direct Network removes that control and gives it back to YOU - the one actually hauling the freight and doing all the hard work.

Negotiate directly and get paid what you're worth, without brokers taking a 20-50% cut (or more!). It's your money. You earned it.

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  • Build relationships for the long- haul Going direct builds trust, transparency, and the potential for long-term relationships.
  • Direct Access and Communication with the Shipper Tired of dealing with misleading middlemen? Communicate directly with the party that owns
    the freight.
  • Unlimited Direct Contracts with Shippers Building Direct contracts with shippers
    opens up new freight opportunities.

Where Are You Headed Next?

Plan your week, month, year. By building direct contracts with shippers, you gain the ability to forecast where you want to go first and where you want to go after that. If you want to come home, come home full by eliminating deadhead backhauls.

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