Our Mission

Deliver unprecedented logistics control, automation and cost-savings to Shippers, Carriers and all supply chain parties throughout the shipment lifecycle.

Vision Statement

Plant our flag as the most trusted, complete, and efficient virtual command center for end-to-end freight management. Serve as the virtual headquarters for a Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network built on mutual trust, transparency and profits.

Vision Statement

Plant our flag as the most trusted, complete, and efficient virtual command center for end-to-end freight management. Serve as the virtual headquarters for a Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network built on mutual trust, transparency and profits.

Vision Statement

Plant our flag as the most trusted, complete, and efficient virtual command center for end-to-end freight management. Serve as the virtual headquarters for a Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network built on mutual trust, transparency, and profits.


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Meet Our Team

The LaneAxis team is comprised of transportation and logistics veterans with trucking company ownership experience, entrepreneurs with technology backgrounds including Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Programming, Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering, and financial professionals with experience working for Fortune 500 companies.

Rick Burnett

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rick’s extensive knowledge of mobile technology, software development, and deep experience in (and love for) trucking and logistics inspired him to create LaneAxis. A former partner in a trucking company, Rick spent a decade researching and developing a mobile-based platform that provides real-time tracking and data analytics over freight movements. Rick’s expertise culminated with the design of a Shipper-to-Carrier direct optimization platform that was granted a full U.S. Patent in March, 2018.

Mason Burnett

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Mason oversees all internal operations at LaneAxis, commanding a lean and agile workflow within and between all teams, ensuring the elimination of any silo-based thinking. With a background in business systems/administration and a deep knowledge of the freight transportation industry, Mason keeps LaneAxis streamlined, on budget, and fiercely focused.

Andrew Rivera

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Andrew is an award-winning former TV news journalist with nearly a decade of corporate experience in Public Relations and Marketing. He spent 10+ years with Disney ABC Television. Now immersed in logistics and freight transportation, he led a global marketing campaign for a successful token sale focused on a cutting edge data analytics platform. Technically and editorially savvy, he thrives on every opportunity to create imaginative writing and visuals that slice through the clutter.

Himanshu Yadav

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Fluent in all coding languages, Himanshu has fully immersed himself in the freight logistics and supply chain industries. Focus areas include: virtualization, networking, UI, UX, Enterprise Software, Large Scale Systems, Web and Mobile App Development, and the creation of highly scalable cloud platforms.

Elvis Rodrigues

Product/Project Manager

A passionate tech designer (and disruptor), Elvis has 10+ years of management experience in ITeS and IT Product sectors with core competencies in handling diverse range of Product Development, Software Solutions, Service Delivery, and Operations. Skilled in Service-Level Agreements, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Databases, IT Service Management, Product Management, Software Development, Six Sigma and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Ellie Burnett

Chief Design Officer

Prior to joining LaneAxis, Ellie worked with numerous high-profile brand names, including assisting the fashion designer and brand Karl Kani where she helped operate day to day store operations and worked aside Karl on future designs. Ellie has assisted high profile stylists and has helped with photoshoots, music videos, and editorials. Ellie has also worked as a wholesale representative and has experience working with buyers at fashion trade shows, such as MAGIC in Las Vegas. While in college, Ellie interned in the design department at Halston Heritage and has retail marketing experience with such prestigious companies such as COACH, Kate Spade & Company and Ted Baker.

Robert Moorhead

Director of Shipper Product Marketing & Sales

Launching his supply chain journey with a degree in computer science from Georgia Southern University, Robert’s career began on the technical side as a Systems Analyst for corporate giant General Electric at their Simulation & Control Systems Division. Since then, Robert worked with some of the leading companies in the Supply Chain Management (SCM), Quality Management, and manufacturing industries including Manugistics, Rightworks, and Sparta Systems.

Justin Nguyen

Shipper Sales Lead

Justin Nguyen is a senior member of the LaneAxis Shipper Outreach Team. Justin boasts experience in import-export shipping, and will be a valuable asset as we expand our services to multi-modal forms of transportation including drayage – which is one of the major issues impacting the backlog at major shipping docks. Justin’s sales expertise dates back to the early 2000s, when he was awarded “Top Seller” status by AT&T in the telecom giant’s long-distance sales department. In the ensuing years, Justin has held senior sales positions for ACN Telecom and two prominent Los Angeles-based law firms. Most recently Justin assumed a Sales Executive role for TP Logix, an international import-export company. There Justin served as a lead Sales Agent and Carrier Broker, among many other important duties. Justin describes himself as a fearless negotiator, cold caller and closer.

Adam Shovav

Artificial Intelligence/Algorithmic Engineer Lead

Adam started a specialized problem-solving consultancy called Dreamer’s Inc. in 2011, while studying quantum mechanics and computational chemistry. He has worked on complex problems in the fields of AI, aerospace and defense security, blockchain, decentralized high performance computing, and more. Clients include Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, MIT, and Boeing.

Alex Dolgov

Blockchain Development Lead Engineer

Alex is head of consulting for PixelPlex, which is LaneAxis’ blockchain development partner. Alex is spearheading the design, engineering and implementation of the LaneAxis Blockchain and AXIS Token into our core SaaS system. Alex has founded multiple businesses and served as CTO for two high-tech firms. He has a wide range of experience in information technology, startups, tokenization, fundraising and financial reporting and analysis.

Spencer Tapia

Financial Strategy Lead

By any objective measure, Spencer's range of knowledge is beyond impressive. With a degree in mathematical sciences from Oxford University, Spencer is expertly versed in Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Enlightenment Philosophy, and financial markets across multiple sectors. His experience includes high-level positions at multinational software and finance companies, including Goldman Sachs. Did we mention he is also a qualified doctor with a focus on anatomy, physiology and pharmacology? Spencer received his medical degree from the University of Warwick.

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